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Favorite ThisInfinite Brothers is a heady combo of rising talent, check out Signals EP

Published: March 18, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

No matter what you think you know about the future of “what’s hot” or what the music is “going to do” I plead to you on a human level – please take a calm step the fuck back and hear what I have to say for a beat. Trust me. I am trying to let you in on some real shit.

Listen to all of Infinite Brothers debut EP – Signals. Why? I will give you my personal "why" if you have the time to read on my brothers and sisters and uncategorized others (it’s a sliding scale, people)!

Think Tycho. Think Emancipator. Think Frameworks. Now take a step back and imagine something brand spanking fucking new from three rad artists from all corners of the country collaborating together on the level of those previously mentioned artists except fucking existing on their own level and existing in this 2016 American space while marching forward - moving forward with the strong game and giving all us plebs a bone ta chew.

Infinite Brothers is a brand new project on the scene constructed and devised by three playful musicians: Cody Sparks, Shane Cotee, and Jacob Paskus.

A threesome collaboration is not all too common within the scene these days. Come to think of it – most days. This angle is pretty rare and makes us get a bit happy-go-lucky. The shit’s hot. But disregard all that and just listen to this next level EP. The movements’ build ups, turns, and indescribable musical digestions are making me sway and nod my upper body and thank god because I was beginning to think downtempo, self-reflecting, and nomadic heady music was a place that did not really exist. I was beginning to think, “Fuck, maybe I could get lonely dreaming new music that stimulates my inner me is just around the bend.” Thank Christ I don’t have to go down that treacherous road. The brand new stab Infinite Brothers take at this special place within the electronic rainbow is so on point and so on time we just fucking simply love it. And we are betting you will too.

Let’s get weird. Imagine driving through the woods of northern California and watching a brand new sun rise from the east over the bay as you might make way back into the city on a random weekday after hanging out in a room full of progressive and serious artists. The time might be around 6:00 AM. Now imagine this soundtrack driving the driver. The sun rises. The music plays. The driver drives. Breathe in. Breathe out. This music is artistically relevant and important for all shades of musical tastes and vibes. More importantly, this slower and spiritually playful spin we all now have access to is a much needed facilitator upon our generation. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have some aids and guides alongside ya when you make that necessary and sacred journey into your head. Just don’t get lost when you play. Sunrises are always fire. A certainty I discovered last night; stoke the fire with this new magic sauce.

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