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Favorite Thisill.Gates - I'm EEL

Published: October 25, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

In anticipation of his big Church of Bass Tour kicking off next week with Stephan Jacobs and Jay Fay, ill.Gates released a brand new kind of rap mashup for his salivating fans. "I'm EEL" features meticulously assembled vocal samples that cohesively blend into verses. We can't even begin to imagine the painstaking process involved in finding all the right samples and pitch-shifting them and slicing 'em up until they matched his own vocal contribution--which is also novel for him. Chock full of that good ol' ill.Gates bounce, this glitch-hop and hip-hop blend, which he calls "ransom rap," after the arduous process of piecing together a ransom note like his rap samples, has become one of his most requested songs to date. And he promised to open his sets with it--nothing like kicking things off with a bit of Breaking Bad.