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Favorite Thisill.Gates, Buku remix Minnesota & G Jones' 'Thunderdome' [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: April 2, 2015

By: Ali Van Houten

In the wake of a flurry of remixes to his track “Thunderdome” featuring bass bestie G Jones, Minnesota has dropped the full Thunderdome Remixes EP. Featuring a diverse set of artists that ranges from Buku to Manic Focus, this collection includes a selection of the best remixes of the original song. The EP includes big names like ill.Gates paired with vocals from up-and-comer Mayor Apeshit, which is an unsurprisingly awesome take in the vein of Dylan’s usual style.

However, the most pleasant—perhaps because they’re the most unexpected—versions come from the winners of the “Thunderdome” remix contest. Two relative newcomers, Colorado’s Resonant Language and Kansas’ Timmy Tutone, are bringing fresh new sounds to the scene. Resonant Language builds off G Jones’ hard-hitting bass and elaborates on it with his own equally dope style. Timmy Tutone, meanwhile, makes the track entirely his own with a trap-influenced brand of bass music.

Each of the five remixes is worth a listen, but the real lesson here is to keep an eye on the underground. I’m excited to see what Resonant Language and Timmy Tutone come up with in the future, and in the meantime I’ll keep these remixes on my playlist.

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