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Favorite Thisill-esha - Love is This

Published: June 7, 2012

The sweet sounds of lovestep are pervading the electronic music landscape like a wave of exotic French perfume that instantly blankets the room. But the sounds are not always sugary. The Bay Area's glitch-hop maven ill-esha is peeling back the curtain on the darker side of the burgeoning genre; the steamy underbelly of sex and the darkness of sensuality with "Love is This." A twisting tale told in sultry echoes and grimy grooves, the cut is the result of a brief fling--though not the kind you'd expect. ill-esha explains "It's a track that I made when I babysat Antiserum's Virus synth for a week hence all the squelchy analog sounds." Who says gear can't be sexy?

ill-esha will be joining a stellar lineup of EDM superstars at the inaugural IMPULSE Music & Arts Festival in Union Point, Georgia next week. "Love is This" is the fifth installment in the IMPULSE Music Series, featuring exclusive cuts from amazing artists on the bill. Headliners for this three-day festival taking place June 15-17 include EOTOPapadosioBoomBoxZoogmaEmancipatorMinnesotaArchnemesisNastyNasty, VibeSquaDAna Sia, and the list goes on and on.

Tickets are on sale now at Take a step back and really look hard at the lineup for this inaugural festival. These are some of the biggest and brightest pumping out underground electronic music for the real heads. This is going to be a special event.