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Favorite ThisHullabalo0 is servin' up 'Ego Waffles'

Published: January 17, 2020

By: Jonathan Gross

Hullabalo0The last time Hullabalo0 got together with Mr. Bill, they produced a rather intense tune, “RDM RTD,” for Dirt Monkey's 19K label. Andrew and Bill making riddim—whoulda thought?

Now Hullabalo0 is dropping a brand new IDM EP on Bill's label Billegal Beats, so the whole thing just seems like a troll now. Two original tunes and two remixes from Billegal's stable of artists (Cloud Cluster, premo, and Jonah Hodges) comprise the EP, Portal Potty, which is miles away from anything we've heard before from Andrew Bryant, and brings a cool new flavor to the label.

Ego Waffles,” has that glitchy Hullabalo0 flair mixed with an eerie, psychedelic undertone that is captured nicely with whispered vocal samples. Bryant is breaking out of his shell, trying new things, and the result is super exciting music from an already exciting artist. Billegal Beats continues to push the conversation, and bring IDM back into its deserving place in the electronic pantheon.

Tags: Electronica