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Favorite ThisHot Noizes: Fire EP Review

Published: March 22, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

When an artist names an album, EP, or song, “fire,” it better be just that. The word carries bold implications that the release will be full of hot and heavy tracks that will make any crowd go wild. Anything short of this will simply be a disappointment.

Fortunately for DJ Hose (Sergey Djukov) and Fat Man DJ (Oleg Afonin), their release hits the mark. The Ukrainian duo produces under the name Hot Noizes, and is starting to get their music out there by bringing their fans a potent stew of EDM that features heavy dubstep infused with fist pumping electro and Swedish house. Their emphatic songs feature a wide range of sampling that stems from all over the world; creating a unique sound that seems to transcend continents. Over the years the duo has put together a solid collection of bass womping tunes to add to their long list of head banging remixes including switch ups of prominent artists like Pendulum, Linkin Park, and a slew of mouth watering new takes on Dada Life songs including the most recent, “Happy Violence.”

On their Simplify Recordings debut Fire, the duo soars to all time new heights with a release that would make the Olympian Gods smile and release all their powers at once in excitement.

The title track kicks things off with a Jamaican style bounce and powerful reggae vocals that open the EP up perfectly with a steady funk that eventually unleashes the fury of a hurricane when the track finally releases its full energy.

“What You Know,” features southern hip-hop style vocals and a distinct swagga layered over a melodic and venomous groove that features no boundaries. The track is a good example of their diverse sampling and incredibly unique music that will have listeners traveling to various parts of the world as different sections of the EP hit.

“Hands Up,” strikes immediately with harmonious female vocals that will enter the listener’s ears and create limitless possibilities. A powerful drop and out of this world piano section round out this mind shattering cut.

“XL,” closes out the release with more breathtaking vocals and a steady synth line that eventually transitions into madness with a chaotic yell and a hell bent drop.

Step into the car and make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened, because the new Hot Noizes EP is relentless and does not let up for even a second. The diverse sound is catchy, full of life, and is another impressive release for Simplify Recordings.