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Favorite ThisHeavyWeight - ButterKnife (MitiS Remix)

Published: August 27, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

In the spirit of The Untz's informal but recurring series "classically trained artists make better producers--it's just science, dummy," we bring you the latest golden nugget from Philly's MitiS. Piano prodigy Joe Torre grew up a student of the greats; no, not Sasha & Digweed, we're talking Bach and Chopin. Having played in the illustrious Carnegie Hall, it's no wonder this beat-making madman is so capable behind a Macbook. His theoretical background is so evident in his meticulous edits and compositions. The vocal slicing and dicing in this "Butterknife" remix is so precise, we're assuming he used a microscope to complete all the necessary tweaks. With an addictive intro and an absolutely mind-boggling mid-tempo midsection, the full release of this scintillating tune is sure to make its way into a lot of late Summer mixes.