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Favorite ThisGuttstar - Gorge

Published: March 19, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
Last week, MalLabel unveiled its newest bass-laden treat: a four-track EP from purple pioneer Guttstar. Viewfinder is a dense package of throwback synths and boom-bap beats. Matt Gutt has been crafting a highly melodic aesthetic, perfecting a glitchier brand of Glitch Mob-style melodies, while maintaining a decidedly hip-hop feel. "Gorge" patiently builds, utilizing all time and space to fill the spectrum of sounds, rather than rushing directly towards the drop like an immature producer. This release comes a year after Double Healix, a more sensual affair. Originally based in Vermont, Gutt crossed the country to the Pacific oasis of Portland, OR. The sound of the northwest, as interpreted by Guttstar, is more about having fun than getting busy--though the two certainly aren't mutually exclusive.

Listen to the entire Viewfinder EP:

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