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Favorite ThisGuttstar: Double Healix EP

Published: February 13, 2011

Guttstar brings sexy back to bass

Looking for the right tunes to get that special someone in the mood for a little V-day celebration?  Vermont's Guttstar has got you covered!  Matt Gutt has been exploring the dirtier side of bass music with releases in the fall and late winter last year, but as a special Valentine's Day treat, he's throwing out some love with a free EP: Double Healix.  This 5-track release explores the sexier side of bass music.  Tracks like "The Birds" have that 90's-era R&B feel--think D'Angelo rubbed and caressed with sensual oils and then thrown into a meat-slicer for that special glitched-up, bassed-down treatment.  Double Healix will have you and your partner entwined like the EP's titular strands of DNA.  Guttstar makes the Human Genome Project pretty damn sexy, huh?