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Favorite ThisGRiZ - You Got To Change

Published: June 18, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

About a year ago, bass legend Derek Vincent Smith released a little jam called “Pretty Lights vs. Summertime,” which was a funky tune that utilized vocal and instrumental samples to create that perfect summer bump for those hot sunny days. Well it just so happens to be that time of the year again, so it would only make sense another incredibly talented producer would step up to the plate and provide us with this summer’s anthem.
Grant Kwiecinski is one hell of a producer. He possesses an unmatched passion for every individual note that floats its way throughout his songs, which can be felt as each finely tuned layer weaves in and out as the track progresses. Not to mention his versatile ear for the music he samples and remixes, which seems to span across generations to create timeless cuts. An example of this is his tantalizing switch up of “Dream On” by Aerosmith, which remixes music made in the 70’s while adding a dash of hip-hop from the 90’s to create an energetic cut that is perfectly fitting for today’s generation of music listeners. 
On his latest track, we witness Kwiecinski going all out on a groovy song that is sure to fill the speakers of festival goers across the country on their bass filled journeys.
 “You Got To Change” is an emphatic song that contains a slew of vinyl samples that perfectly accommodate GRiZ’s glitched out instrumentations and the vocals of Santana and 2pac, which steadily weave their way throughout. Each section strikes with remarkable tenacity, while giving its listener something to dance about as the tracks contagious bounce hops from note to note. Addicting drum claps and ubiquitous synth lines will have you hooked from the start, on an ambiguous track that is reminiscent of certain songs released off Pretty Lights Music. 
GRiZ’s newest track is an impressive summer jam that will have his listeners begging for more fresh tunes from the Detroit producer, as they patiently await the release of Mad Liberation

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