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Favorite ThisGRiZ taps Eric Bloom (and a lil Erykah Badu) for 'Feelin' High'

Published: August 28, 2015

By: Brent Stenstrom

Haters gonna hate, but funk master GRiZ spreads nothing but love with his new track "Feelin High" featuring Eric Bloom of The Shady Horns. Similar to his recent track "Summer '97," Grant Kwiecinski utilizes some old school hip-hop beats and some comical sampling from The Interview in order to give this track its own fresh intro. Along with the signature GRiZ sound, Eric Bloom adds some flare to the track with his colorful trumpet solo.

GRiZ does such an amazing job at blending all of these different instruments and elements into this track to the point where it could be played in a festival setting nearing the end of one his sets or it could be played during a nice candle lit dinner for two. That neo-soul courtesy of Erykah Badu just puts it over the top.

"Feelin High" has that special vibe to it where it seduces its listeners into peaceful and melodic bliss. Along with "Summer '97," "Feelin High" adds something a little slower and diverse to GRiZ's ever expanding repertoire of tunes. This track speaks for itself, so for any haters out there, just relax and smile and put on "Feelin High."

Tags: DowntempoGlitchHip Hop