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Favorite ThisGridwork - Outside In and Groundscore

Published: February 20, 2012
By: Beth Ann Johnson
Music has been a driving force in Ryan Aicklen's life since childhood. Before switching his focus to electronic music, he had mastered playing the guitar and participated in his high school drum corp. His vast experience collaborating with other talented artists gave him the background needed to kick off a successful career as a producer.

In 2008, he and friend Darin Jay Lehman (DJ Lehman) joined forces for a livetronica duo they called The Collab Project: a "journey through a musical blend of live electronic jam, hip hop, breakbeat, psychtrance, a little drum and bass, and whatever crunk sub-ing sounds they can explore." They soon found themselves touring the country, warming up the Muddy River Jam Festival crowd for Alex B, scoring late night gigs for the Disco Biscuits, raging renegade sets at Rothbury, celebrating Eeyore's Birthday in Austin, and more.

His most recent collective began in 2010 and features current Headtron artist jOBOT. The collaboration, dubbed Continuum Live, also incorporates live instrumentation with electronic elements and delivers a combination of "heavy bass lines, melodic segues, and banging beats."  

GRiDWORK is the premiere solo project and production work of Aicklen. His debut single entitled "Groundscore" is a serious dance floor track that begins with a playful guitar and encompasses the finer elements of old school hip-hop, jazz, and glitch. The Untz is excited to announce the release of his second track featuring jOBOT and LA hip-hop producer Ace Ha. "Outside In" is a lush soundscape composed of glitchy beats, crunchy synths, and ambient electronic grooves that make for a west coast electro-funk sound. 

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