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Favorite ThisGratifly Festival early bird tickets on sale NOW!

Published: February 22, 2013

The newest summer festival to hit the southeast is launching today! Gratifly Festival will take place near Lake Hartwell in South Carolina, between Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. What sets Gratifly apart is the intention behind the event, which is to bring people together to cocreate, share, and heal while still enjoying some amazing music. Tickets have gone on sale now at their website, and you can grab yourself an early bird ticket for just $65. Careful, though, there are only a limited number available.

We wanted to talk about the festival itself, but it's better to hear it in their words:

It is time for a Southeastern gathering that stems from gratitude in the heart and ignites the spark of creativity and love in the lives of everyone involved. It is time for a festival that invites all music lovers, light workers, old and  young, learners and teachers, sacred ragers, flowing yogis, and galactic gangsters to co-create a congregation of pure positive intention unlike the Southeast has ever seen.

Gratifly is a gathering for those who can rise to the challenge of making life creative, of expressing their truth, of letting go and living in the Now, and of dancing in ancient future joy, together.

Gratifly is a festival for all of the senses, all the regions of the mind and all the infinite expanses of the Heart. Look forward to a multitude of artistic creation and authentic connection, a full workshop lineup every day of the event, and a music lineup of some of the most intentional and transformative electronic and live acts in the country.

We here at Gratifly are ready to see you sweat it out and connect in evolutionary ways on the dance floor and far beyond… all the way back home to where you sit now.