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Favorite ThisGramatik - You Don't Understand [Lowtemp]

Published: July 10, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Bluestep fans, rejoice! Not only did Gramatik just drop the second single from his forthcoming album The Age of Reason, but he's also dumped off an absolute truckload of dates from his cross-country fall tour with HeRobust and Exmag. Speaking of Exmag, Don Dero contributes some wicked blues riffs to this heart-pounding, soulful, and masterful mix of disparate styles. In his pursuit of the bluestep sound, Denis Jasarevic hasn't let once iota of intensity drop out of his compositions. The super-politicized snarky stoner will no doubt be promoting his passionate agenda of human rights and anti-censorship ideals, much as his last album, #DigitalFreedom served as a platform for anti-SOPA and PIPA legislation. Make it happen, Denis!