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Favorite ThisGoldRush: Love Hz (RMXD) Review

Published: March 28, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

In 1848 the great California Gold Rush began at Sutter’s Mill in near modern day Coloma. Many years later we are still looking for gold, in the form of audio nuggets that possess magical powers to transport the mind and soul to new dimensions.

Well we have struck a lucky vein, by digging up an incredibly tenacious and inspiring artist who goes by the name GoldRush. The L.A.-based producer uses his musical talents to create lawless crescendos and bubbly synths that will entrance the listener from head to toe. GoldRush’s “epic romantic bass” makes listeners swoon; and, like a potion has them searching for love. He has added his mysterious touch to songs from artists like Outkast, K.P. + Envyi, and Mimi Page, while also creating from scratch soulful original tracks with limitless potential like “Prelude to Farewell” and “Let Go.”

Today we have an incredible release brought to us by Generation Bass in the form of a remix album that reworks the GoldRush EP Love Hz, and gives it a whole new feel and meaning.

Opening up the release is the RUFF HAUSER remix of “Carpe Diem for Lovers.” The track features mesmerizing Wild West guitar, which blends flawlessly with ample wobbles and captivating vocals that sound like they were recorded in an underwater space lab.

“It’s When I Miss All of You,” gets the remix treatment from fellow Angelino Gladkill, and is a sensual cut that will leave the listener in a subconscious daze from start to finish.

The +verb remix of “S.C. Honey” churns up the tune with buttery low bass tones and classic glitch-hop style synths, while the jOBOT remix adds a head bobbing bounce that is a perfect touch to the song’s original vocals.

Stephan Jacobs tears apart, “AstraLover,” and than puts it back together to fit his aggressive style of mid tempo madness that is perfect for dropping at a show, or to simply relax the mind.

Another standout track on the release is brought to us by Sugarpill, who takes on the classic GoldRush track “MySkye,” and releases its full potential by retaining the tracks ambient aura while spicing it up with some potent grooves and crunked up tones.

Love Hz RMXD is a sensational release that is definitely one to add to the collection of anyone who enjoys the ride produced by carefully crafted glitch-hop and breathtaking vocals. Each artist does justice with their individual remixes, while retaining the GoldRush sound that is oh so seductive.

Tags: DowntempoDubstep