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Favorite ThisGold Tip Toes - Coming To [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: May 21, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Avast, trap fans and fanettes, alike, there is a new trap cap'n coming aboard. NorthStar and Solstice have joined forces to become one--Gold Tip Toes. Seattlites Trevor Huber and Dallas Blacker have been slaying the Sea-Tac dubstep scene for a while, but have spread their wings with the new Gold Tip Toes project. This bass-heavy trap duo is already charting mixes and collective likeminded trap aficionados to their sound. "Coming To" blends Balkan melodies with stuttering beats. And there are even some old-school wobbles thrown in for fun. With a syncopated swagger and a delectable melody, you'll be humming this one all the way to the band. This FREE DOWNLOAD is a treasure trove of golden goodness. Dive in!