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Favorite ThisGetting to know Karetus, Battle Royale out Feb 3 on DUSTLA

Published: January 30, 2014
By: Matthew Meadow

KaretusPortuguese duo Karetus are mere days away from the release of their newest single "Battle Royale" on rising label DUSTLA. Matthew Meadow got a chance to talk to André Reis and Carlos Silva about their new sound, big room house, and their big remixes.

So let's first address your upcoming single, Battle Royale, before we get into the nitty-gritty. It's heavily geared toward dance floors and making people move - if there was one weapon in that battle that you think would make people move the most, what would it be and why?

Happiness. We can’t see a better “weapon” than happiness because to be happy is the ultimate goal in life, and who wouldn’t dance while happy?
You guys are from Portugal, which is awesome. We've seen producers coming out of Sweden, South Africa, France and the Netherlands, but not Portugal so much. How does it feel to be representing your country in such a worldwide community?

It feels great but there is still a lot to do! We are very thankful to our crew and fans to be able to establish a career in the music industry. We are glad to see that the hard work is paying off.
You might have noticed how everyone is sort of up-in-arms over Big Room House and the effect it's having on the festival scene and EDM community. Any thoughts on the genre war? Just skip if that question is a little too loaded.
We enjoy a lot of big room tracks, we are actually working on something big roomish. Our point of view is that it is ok to make any kind of track, even if you are following trends, as long as you keep your identity. It is really hard to an artist to find its own sound, to be original, and we are always trying to be the more original we can.

KaretusYou have found a pretty good wheelhouse in electro house/dubstep. Any more experimental tracks in the works?

Yes! We love experimenting things, we are working on over 10 tracks and there are many genres: something more pop, some dancehall, Brazilian funk and, of course, we are still working on electro, dubstep and drum & bass.
Moving from label to label can be pretty tiring and exciting - from Never Say Die to Dim Mak to Dongle Records, and now DUSTLA - ever think about settling down and getting married [with a label] and having kids [beautiful, grimey tracks]?

Yes, we are still trying to find the perfect label to marry hahaha. It would be good to find a place where we can have everything in order, good promotion, same vision, marketing budget, and release schedule freedom. However, it has been a great experience to work with different labels. We are happy to release Battle Royale with DUSTLA because they are being very professional and doing a great work.

You have a pretty great remix list under your belts - SKisM, Nicky Romero & NERVO, Felguk & Infected Mushroom, Krewella - but you've had some great names remix your work as well, like Calvertron or Jantsen. Who would you most want to sit down in the studio with and work out a banger?

There are many producers that we would love to work with; we could make a whole list [laughs].

Thanks so much for the time guys! Até a próxima!

Obrigado! A big thanks to our fans, DUSTLA, The Untz, The Sixth Degree, and everyone who took the time to read this interview!!