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Favorite ThisG-Space tickles the ivories and breaks the mold with Piano Wubs

Published: October 24, 2017

By: Sam Lawrence

G-Space Piano WubsG-Space has been on my radar since I saw him play with Levitation Jones, Parrotice, Ludge, and a few others at Jones’ two-day event in Atlanta earlier this year.

His new EP, Piano Wubz, out today on ThazDope Records, draws on his love of the piano without any subtlety in the name.

The opening track, “Lord Help,” begins with words of confession and launches straight into jazzy riffs on the keyboard accompanied by thick, granular basslines and kicks. It feels like music meant to be played live, with a simple backing that allows the artist to showcase his freeform talents as a pianist. Choral motifs underscore the western spiritual legacy that this track draws upon without detracting from the hip-swaying tug of the jazz piano and deep bass.

Dopenes Monster” keeps the vibe going, but fills in some gaps with more electronic elements and backbeat production. Piano and keytar melodies float over a padded atmosphere of spacey bass and a less spiritual, more loungy feeling begins to emerge. Clouds of sweet-smelling vapor could be imagined to hover over leather couches and expensive lamps, and G-Space feels like he’s a female vocalist and a waistcoat away from leading a jazz/lounge revival.

Rock Bottom” closes the EP with stronger trap and house influences than the previous two tracks, and feels like the low place implied in the name. At just over ten minutes, it’s an extended portfolio of this artist’s skills as both a producer and instrumentalist.

This EP is about relaxation and sound quality. There are no bangers to be found here, but what lies beneath the surface is something more exciting. A return to analog instruments married with modern production techniques. It reveals a rare strain of melodic, contemplative music that often feels missing from the bass music scene. No matter what you pack your cigar with, this EP will suit you well if you’re looking to relax and nod along to some playful, wandering tunes. Why not open up that bottle of single malt you’ve been saving and find a comfortable armchair to relax in… and get into the G-Space.

Get Piano Wubs from ThazDope Records now.

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