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Favorite ThisFuture bass fans will fall in love with The Galactic Effect

Published: September 17, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

Brand new alert! 

Straight from the sunny, humid skies of Miami, Florida, The Galactic Effect brings us the AUGMNTR EP. Full of cinematic flair and the eerie drone of eclectic instruments, the full release opens a doorway into the life and mind of this talented producer.

Complete with five all original compositions, AUGMNTR traverses a wide landscape of musical influences. The intro track “Wanderlust” kicks things off with some insatiably silky string work. As if the song itself was arriving to invite you away from the world for a moment.

The Galactic EffectMoving away from the light of the first two installments, “Shadow Realm” morphs the world music influences into something a little darker. The slow build of convulsing bass wobbles and the far off call of some siren mantra unravels the sense of stagnancy and plunge us deeper into that realm where most refuse to wander.

Closing things off is the title track,“AUGMNTR.” No games, hold nothing back, express yourself, the world needs your art. This track is a fantastic culmination of each influence seen throughout the release. Ethereal and expansive, AUGMNTR saves the best for last.

The AUGMTR EP is live and available for download at The Galactic Effect Bandcamp page. Support for up and coming musicians is what allows for our favorite artists to develop themselves and thrive in our creative community. Don’t be afraid to toss a few bucks his way.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip HopTrap