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Favorite ThisFRQ NCY aims to make a 100 beats in 100 days

Published: March 16, 2018

By: Sanjay Gopal

FRQ NCY a.k.a. Chaz Hayley is doing the 100 days, 100 beats challenge in a determined effort to document the journey through daily mindscapes and explore a mixture of everyday moods.

The theme revolves liberally around what I would call "spiral trap” with pinches of grime, some mildly tribalesque orchestrations, chants, giving it a sort of 'nu hip-hop' flavour.

Relateable titles ('hey me too’, 'help where am i' or ‘sit down cus you look tired’) keep it sort of intimate and personal, which is quite inevitable in these “a-beat-a-day” challenges.

Favourite track so far is #2) goodies: Engaging, "I always wanted to be an astronaut,” story of every nerdy kid ever who grew up in the 90s, contrasting voice characters and tones are used to tell a story of how our childhood aspirations are sometimes subdued by the harshness and monotonous way of reality and eventually has us perhaps settling for mediocrity.

FRQ NCYExpect some tight bars, hypnotic beats, slick and polished vibe all churned out with an ethical and systematic flow. Follow for a personal collection of mini beat-tracks which is better than your yearly trick or treats, that’ll have you busting your thuggest moves in slowmo’. Hayley just dropped the more polished “Shaded,” and it's heater city.

Catch him alongside Frequent, CheeBrightside, EASTGHOSTProphet, EAZYBAKED, Milano, Mystic GrizzlyUNKNWN, and so many more rising stars at The Untz Festival, coming June 1-3 to Mariposa, California. It's a haven of underground bass artists that will have you crying into your cereal if you miss it. Stay up on FRQ NCY and watch his page for many more sonic sketches to come this spring.

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