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Favorite ThisFox Stevenson & Feint go DnB crazy on 'Everything's Wrong' [FREE DL]

Published: September 21, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

UK producer and singer-songwriter Fox Stevenson has teamed up drum and bass god Feint for a completely bonkers new banger "Everything's Wrong." The pair threw all DnB rules out the window, and ended up making a bass-fueled experimental tune we could picture crossing right over into the mainstream. Running 60 miles an hour (that's about 100 km/h for you Brits) right into a catchy chorus, the boys shift gears into a moombahcore second drop that had us going "Did they just do that?"

This talented team is giving this song away, which is completely mind-blowing, as part of the Free Stuff EP, which Stevenson released today (September 21) with contributions from Cruk & Priority One, as well. Don't just sit there--grab it.

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