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Favorite ThisFLY really goes for it on 'Captive Dunes'

Published: November 22, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

FLYI'm so fucking tired of people sleeping on Naseem Silver.

Every single track FLY drops is some surface-of-the-sun type fire, obviously, but I'm just not hearing the name on everyone's lips like I should. Ah, but then I check the comments on SoundCloud, and I see all these producers and DJs paying tribute, and it clicks. Nobody wants Silver to reach the masses. They want to keep all that heat bottled up. No longer, I say, no more.

FLY's latest is “Captive Dunes,” which rides a slowed down Stranger Things synth lead into a weird, bubbly, groovy little pocket. Silver's not just pressing the slap button, he's actually experimenting and getting weird with it. Not content to reproduce the same song over and over again that he knows is gonna bang, but definitely gets out of his comfort zone.

Anyway, don't let your little covetous desires prevent you from sharing FLY's genius with the world. Little your secret out into the world. FLY away, young man...

Tags: GlitchTrap