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Favorite ThisFloret Loret finds inspiration In Maroon

Published: November 17, 2021

By: Jonathan Gross

Floret Loret - In MaroonFernando Loret de Mola beckons listeners into a blood red sea with his latest project. The new Floret Loret release In Maroon EP picks up with the underwater themes established in his mau5trap EP, Undulations.

In regards to release, Loret de Mola notes “The premise of this project was to use color association to help influence the creative process by surrounding myself with different shades of red. For example: changing the channel’s colors in my DAW, lighting, wearing red clothing etc.”

Four tracks of shimmery, maritime eeriness plunge the audience into a frigid bath of reddish hues and atmospherics. Each cut is distinctive but contains the warbling bass licks that are signature to the Floret Loret sound. Whether it's the plodding stutter of the lead single “FishHop,” or the delicate flutterings of opening track “Submerged,” which evoke the tendrils of a Portuguese man o' war, the audio prowess of Floret's production technique is evident.

Floret Loret thrilled fans on runs with Minnesota, Chee, and Tsuruda, and laid down an impressive DEF Global set that proves he's as effective on land as he is below the surface.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepGlitch