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Favorite ThisFlo - NRG (Afro Q Ben Remix)

Published: March 16, 2012

Despite shaving his signature fro, Afro Q Ben is keeping his name. To his fans, Afro without a fro is akin to Gandalf without a beard. But for Afro, the name is more a reflection of his rhythmic nature.  Even as he steps away from his electro space-funk roots into uncharted territory, he maintains his sonic essence.  Going a step beyond today's strictly-electronic producers, Q Ben often incorporates live instrumentation and vocals into his tracks, creating an enhanced sense of depth and detail. This, combined with his extensive background in music theory and composition, culminates in something unique: a breath of fresh air in a stale, sweaty club.

With a new album awaiting release, Afro has still managed to pump out a few free bangers for his fans. His Flo remix of "NRG" is a bass-driven monster truck of a track, ripe for crushing crowds in 2012.  With a winning combo of rumbling subs, slippery synths, and laced throughout with angelic mudflap girl vocals, Q Ben continues to prove himself as one of the Northwest's freshest acts. His fourth free release, "NRG," is the latest showcase of his production prowess, and a preview of what to expect from his highly-anticipated upcoming releases.