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Favorite ThisFlamingosis made an all-original 30+ minute mix to get us through this

Published: May 21, 2020

Story by: Anand Harsh

Photo by: Dani Brandwein

FlamingosisRight on the cusp of a breaking point, Flamingosis swoops in a delivers a 30+ minute, all-original mix of soulful hip-hop and nostalgia-tinged beats. I don't know about you, but at Week 10 of our Great Global Garbage Fire, Aaron Velasquez's fuzzy boom-baps are just what I need.

More potent than hydrochloriquine, Velasquez takes the edge off with 14 new cuts that pull hopeful choruses into harmony over stuttering beats and bass lines straight from church. Flamingosis has quietly worked his way into the upper echelons of the electronic music scene, performing alongside GRiZ, Big G, Madeon, Emancipator, and more on the biggest of stages (Okee, E Forest, Holy Ship! to name a few), all while staying true to his laidback sound, and eschewing the overpowering tricks and gimmicks of his contemporaries who aim to bash in the heads of fans instead of taking them on a bouncy trip back to the old neighborhood.

Crack the window, light one up, and gaze out into the outdoors we will one day once again occupy with Mood Provider Vol. 2, and dive deep into the Flamingosis back catalog. It might just save your life.

1. Awakening
2. New Heights
3. Do you
4. Miles Away
5. Magic Hour
6. Drifter
7. Tranquilo
8. Smokey
9. Hold On
10. Mellow Memory
11. Bahia Starship
12. Riviera
13. The Movies
14. Change Of Pace

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