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Favorite ThisExclusive Debut Single From DJ Thibault

Published: May 18, 2011

Air JawsDo you remember Air Bud? That lovable golden retriever was such a card. He jump straight up in the air and catch the ball before tumbling out of the end zone! "Air Jaws," on the other hand, would just as soon rip out your throat as roll over.

At long last, electro whiz DJ Thibault has released his debut single, featuring the grimy wall-of-sound his sets have become known for. "Air Jaws" eases in and out, like a cold, calculating killing machine. It's the middle that will get you. Clean percussive grooves give way to pounding, fuzzy bass. The viscious onslaught is peppered with chopped shouts (or screams for mercy), and then like a flash, the murderous beasts slinks away into the cool, blue depths from whence it came. Game over. 

Half of live duo Auto Body with Felix Moreno of Future Rock, DJ Thibault has been attacking the electro world from his homebase in Austin, TX. His fanbase begged and pleaded with him to release the beast, so you can blame them for the carnage--and your dry-cleaning bill. Catch Disco Jesus next weekend, spinning a late-night set at Summer Camp Festival on Friday! Trust me... you're gonna need a bigger boat.

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