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Favorite ThisEuphonic Conceptions presents the Re:Unified Field in Denver

Published: April 28, 2010

On Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st, Euphonic Conceptions will be hosting the Re:Unified Field, the first Sonic Bloom pre-party event in Colorado. The event will be held at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and Cervantes Otherside in Denver.  The Re:Unified Field will feature some of the top touring electronic music artists, including Ott, Lynx & Janover, Alex B, Emancipator, Octopus Nebula, VibeSquad, Sexytime, Heyoka, Future Simple Project, Bluetech, Big Gigantic, and much more.  Expect to hear everything from downtempo to dubstep to glitchhop and everything in between.    Visionary artists Martina Hoffman and Robert Venosa, whose art is displayed internationally at some of the most renowned galleries, will be painting live alongside dancers and other performers.  Poi, fire, hooping, and LED performances are scheduled throughout the events.

There will also be an art gallery hosted by Launch Pad, a collective of artists based out of Portland, OR operating since 2005.   Art by Mackenzie Paige, Oliver Vernon, Des10, and Berkvisual will also be displayed.  

Be sure to check out the late night after party, featuring Bluetech, Rena Jones, and Anahata Sound.  The event will also feature a presentation by Jamie Janover, on aspects of scientist Nassim Haramaein's Unified Field Theory.  The after party will cost $15 at the door, and will be held at Lucid Gallery in Denver from 2-6 am, following the Friday night show.   

Sonic Bloom Festival is scheduled from June 25-27th at the Mishawaka Ampitheatre in Bellvue, CO.  More information on Sonic Bloom can be found at  Information on the Re:Unified Field can be found at, and tickets can be purchased at

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