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Favorite ThisEthan Glass remixes REZZ

Published: July 19, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Ethan GlassRIP dubs.

The Ethan Glass remix of REZZ's “Relax,” which found its way into Bleep Bloop's sets of recent, is now yours for the taking. The LA-based slimepunk producer dropped his rowdy remix earlier this week, and it's already burning a hole in the internet.

Putting a decidedly aggressive spin on the original, the raucous reworking accelerates into an all out beast over whispered vox and blaring sirens. It sounds like manning the control room of a nuclear sub in full meltdown with all sorts of clattering klaxons and menacing beeps.

After spending time this spring and summer on the road with first Bleep Bloop and then NiT GriT, Ethan Glass is looking ahead to Down To Earth Festival in upstate New York next month alongside a handful of the biggest acts still perched in the underground scene. Make sure to give this hustling act a few follows on the ol' socials to ensure he can continue dominating rigs coast to coast with his original sound.

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