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Favorite ThisEthan Glass lands 'Please I Want U' on Bassrush Records

Published: July 8, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Ethan GlassThe slimepunk master goes slimepop.

Ethan Glass has long been a favorite on our feeds for his larger-than-life, fuzzy, aggressive, cheeky, and political anthems. Fans at Electric Forest caught Chee and Digital Ethos drop “Beige Alert” during their tag team set on Tripolee, and artists like Bleep Bloop and Space Jesus have taken a shine to the manga-maniac with a penchant for subsonic fuckery.

Late last week, Glass found a new fan in Bassrush Records, the label behind Insomniac Events' bass-focused imprint. The label released “Please I Want U,” a slick, wonky 140 hit that eschews Glass' typical irreverence in favor of straight down the pipe wubs.

Oh, you didn't think Ethan Glass could or would make a bass anthem that doesn't just cater to the bespectacled wooks in the back of the room? Think again. Boy's got range like a mofo.

Ethan Glass is on a prolific streak, having just released a Saturate EP in the middle of last month. Don't get so used to him sticking to one sound, though. He'll likely hit hardcore rave, gabber, and salsa before the end of the year if we know his predilection for anarchy.

Tags: Dubstep