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Favorite Thisescapeboard adds 'Decay' to the Wormfiles

Published: July 20, 2017

By: Jonathan Grossman

escapeboardWe absolutely love the interconnectedness of our little underground bass scene. Every member of every crew has their own little hustle going on, and they weave in and out of other symbiotic crews collabing, remixing, sharing stock tips, braiding each other's hair—whatever. It's one big happy family.

To that end, our Wormhole Music Group compadres (you'll remember they had their own late night stage featuring the extra crispy Gnargate at The Untz Festival), in addition to throwing the best bass events in the Bay, have been stacking up singles in their Wormfiles series and are now up to 39. The latest addition is from escapeboard, who you might know better as Brandon Reid, who comprises Moniker, along with his good bud Jacob Tullos, who actually played on ThazDope Records' stage at our fest.

Decay” runs the gamut from sly, 8-bit musings to full on trap hands chaos all without raising its voice above a whisper. For those used to Moniker's wild productions, this shows Reid's patience, production technique, and dedication to the craft. It's a twisted tale, but there's a ton of action in there. Quite the departure from what you'll see at the Stilldream on-site pre-party in a week—or maybe not. You never know if they'll slip in a little escapeboard or CONTRA (Tullos' side project). These boys can't be tamed.

Tags: DowntempoGlitchHip HopTrap