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Favorite ThisEpisode 41 - Bass Science

Published: December 9, 2010


Bass Science's Matt B is interviewed on this week's The Untz Podcast.  His newest EP 'Out of Step,' will be released next week on 1320 Records.  Along with live drummer Devin Landau, Matt B is about to embark on a West to Midwest run culminating in a NYE show at the Portage Theater in Chicago, IL.

Matt B put out his first album as Bass Science with fellow 1320 label-mate Steve Nalepa in 2007.  'Transmissions from a Dub Planet' was just that, a purely dub release.  Since then, Matt B has sought to combine the most cutting edge elements of dubstep, glitch, and electro, while reconciling his West Coast sound with the U.K. grime scene of his youth.  The result is a melodic plunge into the depths of body-shaking bass music.

Next week's podcast features an interesting look at one of the most colorful figures in the electronic music scene, MartyParty.  The most vivid of those colors is purple, which underlies his entire musical aesthetic.  His first in a series of three EPs, 'Skukuza,' comes out next week on The Confluence.

Click here to check out the opening track 'Drowned Out' from the new Bass Science EP 'Out of Step.'

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