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Favorite ThisEdamame releases Bask Remixed on Gravitas Recordings

Published: October 26, 2018

By: Michelle Gargano

Gravitas Recordings, well known for centering their brand around international artists, has been gracing us with a variety of worldly genres over the last seven years. Today’s spotlight is on the reworking of an LP released last year on Gravitas, Bask, by the Colorado-based producer, Edamame.

While the original is composed of fourteen tracks, Bask Remixed came out this week as a cumulation of nine selected songs and producers sampling their own zest and eccentricity. The individual interpretations of these tracks are distinct throughout the album, giving each artist a chance to implement their specific techniques into these already magical songs.

While Edamame’s authentic work displayed melodic vibes and peaceful harmonies, the remixed creation offers a more dance friendly version of these glorious tracks. Tor, product of Vancouver, cracks open this collection with his rendition of “Kishi Kaisei,” adding both ambient and exotic beats.

Converging tribal influences and dreamy soundscapes, this album revisits our ears in a brand-new way. “Sable” remixed by COFRESI, is a prime example—transforming the calming rhythm of the initial track to a more upbeat glitch and bass inspired tempo.

Bask RemixedFrameworks delivers a thrilling, upbeat take on “Clade.” The groove and pulsing beat are intoxicating, and there is a reverential treatment of the original source material in the capable hands of this English producer.

Ed Harris and Gravitas worked together to collect a brilliant roster of remixers that also includes Dreamers Delight, Lapa, and Plaid Hawaii. These acts represent some of the brightest potential in the chill, downtempo, and organic house realm.

Throughout the entirety of Bask Remixed, the listener is delighted by a variety of sounds that come together with such elegant comprehensiveness. For more music from the latest up and coming artists from around the globe, keep an eye out for features on Gravitas Recordings.

Bask Remixed out now on Gravitas Recordings

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