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Favorite ThisEazybaked continue their prolific streak with two new tracks

Published: February 6, 2018

By: Sanjay Gopal

EazybakedWith a meteoric rise in the underground bass scene following their 2017 EP, Tesseract, and starting off the new year signing to Rogue Agency, each new track is bold venture into new production realms for Eazybaked, a dynamic duo of two old friends Hailing from the hills of Clermont, Florida.  

The Eazybaked sound is all about that fiendishly dark bass that lopes around like a monster. It's pulse is heavy, laborious, and exaggerated; punctuated by glissandos of gargantuan grunts, groans, and extended slurps. It will definitely help you digest those ribs from lunch.

Laid back and confident, at the same time sleazy enough to make you reach for a towel to wipe the grease off your skin. With slick production in the footsteps of heavyweights like EPROM and having supported the likes of Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus, these underground producers, Eric Ray and Andrew Principe, are striving to create a multidimensional musical melee from their real world experiences and have paved their own path with selective syncopated orchestration of grimy and intoxicating sounds, sinister sound design and instrumentation.

The Untz Festival 2018Trials Vol.1” is a somber, trap flavoured hip-hop tune produced for up-and-coming rapper ROOK. “Finding The Way” introduces pitched down, inebriated, and unarticulated voices as the track motif, which definitely indicates more vocalized motifs, apart from producing for rappers/singers. A conversation with a friendly swamp monster (Solomon Grundy drunk on bass sludge) comes to mind. Strictly lowkey and menacingly mininimal, selective usage of upper frequency range characterize the essence of their signature flavor.

This is no ordinary meat and potatoes act, but promises to be the biriyani and curry of bass. We at The Untz are hyped for what they have cooking in 2018, and you should be, too. You can see them on the Florida leg of the Evil Things Tour joining Bleep Bloop and Ethan Glass this week. Eazybaked will also hitting stage at The Untz Festival in June alongside fellow experimenters and stalwarts like Mala and Koan Sound.

Tags: Dubstep