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Published: January 25, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Saxman/producer Clark Smith is taking time away from his side project OG Status with Colby Buckler (Two Fresh) and Julian Garland (Candyman of Crushendo) to focus on his main squeeze DYNOHUNTER. The livetronica trio which features Fred Reisen on bass and Justin Ehmer on drums definitely skews more electro than jam, especially on the title track from their forthcoming EP, Pilgrimage. With eastern melodies and western rhythms, the threesome transform the upbeat dance tune to a full-on raging climax with builds and patience that belie their youth. More importantly, the track solidifies the presence of organic instruments in the brave new frontier of electronic/dance music that has all but sapped the necessity of being able to play, you know, an instrument. Making moves, DYNOHUNTER... making moves. The full, eight-track EP will be out soon. Grab this one for FREE with a like on their Facebook page.