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Favorite ThisDuffrey's new track's got a 'Bite'

Published: April 16, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Duffrey - Stawnk EPWhat can we say? We love us some Duffrey. And not just because he is an impeccable Chad detector (hell, he was able to detect himself), it's also because he's one of the most talented neuro, glitch-hop, and otherwise left-field bass producers we have the privilege of hosting on our channel whenever we can.

To that end, the Duffman is bustin' out a new 4-track EP for Street Ritual on April 24th, and we are overjoyed to share a lil' teaser of it with you. “Bite” is typifies the Duffrey sound in that it's sonically flexible, moving all over the tempo and rhythm and dynamic range while still possessing those hallmark flavors that we love. Duffrey has the innate ability to make us giggle while we're headbanging, because his irreverent sound is just as ticklish as it is heavy.

Duffrito joins his pals bioLuMiGen, Goopsteppa, spacegeishA, and more on the Wormhole stage at The Untz Festival May 31-June 2 in Mariposa, California. He also joins the aforementioned bioLuMiGen for a special Ultrasloth set on that same special late night stage. Visit to snag your festival tickets, car camping, RV passes, and more. It's Duffrey's second visit to 'Posa, but who knows—we might fall out of love with him, and he never returns. So I guess you'll just have to come see him this year.


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