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Favorite ThisDuBuddha: The Golden Age EP Review

Published: September 26, 2012
By: Jake Krzeczowski

Jack Crawford, better known as DuBuddha, may well be the best example of the growing generation of electronic artists who have come to represent the musical stamp the internet generation has put on the world.

Gone are the days when artists had to be from London, Detroit or one of the coasts to be noticed, replacing hip locales with WIFI routers and hot clubs with Soundcloud.

While Crawford of the EDM-hotbed Missoula, Montana may owe his success to the web, as his stuffed Soundcloud profile can attest, it is also a tricky ocean with a nasty undertow for aspiring artists.

Luckily DuBuddha has come well equipped, as he demonstrates with his latest offering, The Golden Age, a six song EP that is effectively a personal showcase of what the artist describes as "divine grime" on his Facebook page.

The whole release has an eerie, transcendent sound that makes it perfect for the Halloween season quickly approaching.

The opening track, "The Secret," features a smattering of bass thumps that grow more hectic throughout. Starry, flittering synths come in and out to show off the immensity of the power under the hood of the track. Throughout the synth line feels like someone lightly tap-dancing across the listener's ears. DuBuddha has a secret, and it's working well here.

"Purple Whale Fairy" starts off as an airy homage to a late night walk through the forest that methodically transforms to a dream-like trance of heavy bass rolls accented by wavering synths and distorted samples. The whole thing comes together to construct a cut perfect for the Friday nights of fall.

The offering is solid to say the least with professional production to boot. It also plays as a full project rather than a loose collection of tracks tossed together ambiguously. On the release, DuBuddha has managed to steer clear of the traps of his success and in turn produced a creepy good time.

With no tour dates currently posted, it looks as though we can look forward to Crawford plugging away at his craft and supplying us with some new tunes soon.

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