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Favorite ThisDubloadz debuts electro ripper 'Dungeon Crawler' with SUAHN

Published: October 4, 2019

Story by: Anand Harsh

Photo by: Jude Aotik

DubloadzIt's spooky music season!

Gathering your little miscreants around the orange glow of the jack-o-lantern, because all month long, your favorite producers will be pulling out all their scariest tunes as we build towards the Halloween holiday.

One such ghostly figure is Dubloadz, the frenetic producer who continues to build momentum with his high-energy bass music spanning all flavors of heavy. Dave Nardolilli's latest EP, House of Ghosts, is out today, and it goes without saying that this three-track collection is haunted. Featuring two collabs with Dack Janiels, our focus today is on “Dungeon Crawler,” that instead of brawny dubstep opts for an accelerated brand of electro. It's a run fun romp that Nardolilli has been working on for two years with SUAHN (pronounced like the beautiful but angry waterfowl that will fuck you up at your local park). Breaking into some dark techno/REZZ-y territories towards the back half, this is a carnival ride through the haunted house at a less than reputable carnival.

Dubloadz is taking Dack Janiels out on House of Ghosts tour all October long, so jump on those tickets.

Tags: Electro