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Favorite ThisDubba Jonny: Dubstep's New Best Friend

Published: May 8, 2012
By: Ty Allen

While they formed back in December of 2009, Dubba Jonny’s Brian Dunn and Nick Scott have been flying under the American radar until only recently. This is primarily because they are from the southern coast of England, Bournemouth specifically, and people over there know the duo quite well. They have been selling out shows and topping charts for a while now, and have become known for their love of house-party gigs and live drum sets (courtesy of Scott), and of course their insane abilities to drop some seriously profound tracks that frequently leave listeners in sheer astonishment.

The duo’s adventurous music career all started when Dunn was playing around with Fruity Loops Studio in his early teens. The two were introduced at school one year, and began collaborating on some primitive sketches. Lucky for us bass-heads they chose to do elevate and escalate their partnership, and as a result, have been utterly destroying speakers with their massive drops, gritty subs, and intense synths, which are often embedded in a sea of harmonious vocals.

The best way to describe the collective efforts of the two musicians is simply one word: “wow.” Each song has the ability to send chills down your spine, just make sure you have a serious sound-system and some seriously loud music fans. And, not only will Dubba’s tunes appeal to the glitch-loving, dark-bass addicts out there, but many of their songs are incredibly well suited for dance, throwing down excellent drum work while boasting an overall hyped-up feel.

We’ve gone ahead and posted a few of Dubba’s SoundCloud tracks below. Two of which are recently released samples, and all of which expose the undeniable skills between the two artists, but don’t feel the need to stop there! Since recently developing their own label, Liyan Records, the two have pumped out plenty more incredible tracks released around the net, and even more available for purchase. So, if you want to help Dubba out with their dream of making tons of music all day, every day, then mosey on over to Beatport, and on your way, go ahead and crank up that bass!