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Favorite ThisDrFameus (ft. Beastie Boys & Eminem) - Go Crazy

Published: July 11, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
No, that's not some sort of bizarre, genetic experiment sponsored by the military to hybridize an octopus with a Tasmanian devil--it's just Allen from the Biscuits. Cruising from club to club and festival to festival this summer, DrFameus has been showing off his ridiculous chops behind the kit on a whirlwind nationwide tour. Now, we see his studio prowess in full force as he blends the blistering rudiments and razor sharp hi-hat work that won tDB fans over and blazed a solo trail on top of it, with a flash of Eminem and a tribute to the late great MCA of the Beastie Boys. "Go Crazy" gives fans a taste of what he's been doing on stage; fluidly moving between drums and Ableton in an Andy-Capp-gets-into-it-with-his-ol'-lady ball of dust and flying limbs that's absolutely mesmerizing. Whether it's downtempo grooves, drum 'n' bass, or dubstep, DrFameus is in charge--he's his own mad scientist. That's a Ph.D. in crazy. Catch him this weekend at Camp Bisco XI.