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Favorite ThisDrake Feat. The Weeknd - Crew Love (Hoodsex Remix)

Published: August 24, 2012

One of the most exciting facets about the recent resurgence in the electronic dance music community is not only seeing how fresh subgenres develop, but to experience how they mesh with other styles outside this scene.

So in this case, we witness a compelling infusion of steezy R&B/hip-hop with lofty glitch and dub tones; a powerful and charismatic combo brought to us by the relatively new Italian duo Hoodsex. The two burgeoning producers, whose stint in Atlanta seems to have made an impact on their music, take on “Crew Love” by Drake and The Weeeknd, and in turn create an ecstatic gem that gives the bumpin’ track a well-needed pump up. Chiseled snare hits and emotive womps add a whole new energy to the tracks original instrumentations, while providing an ample backdrop for some swaggering vocals. “They lovin’ the crew,” and that crew consists of Hoodsex.