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Favorite ThisDog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize) - Middle Finger Pt 2

Published: August 8, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

I'm not going to lie. It's been difficult to contain my excitement for this Dog Blood EP. It's been a long time coming, and I had predicted that the record could sound nothing like its progenitors, Skrillex and Boys Noize. That being said, I was right. No no, don't give me all the credit. In fact, if anything, Middle Finger Pt 2 sounds like a long lost Chemical Brothers album. This EP will be credited for reinvigorating the breaks scene. No doubt about it.

 Both "Middle Finger" and "Chella Ride" sound like souped up early-to-mid 90's breaks. And "Shred or Die" takes a Coal Chamber-esque, sludgy riff, and reimagines it for the club set. Alex Ridha and Sonny Moore sound like they're having a blast in the studio. And the remixes. Sheesh. We've been dying to hear this "Middle Finger" remix from The M Machine for a long, long time. And it's finally upon us. Definitely has their signature sound, but that vocal sample is just so dirty. Love it. Then Millions Like Us takes it for a trippy, techno ride.

Is this a Skrillex album? No. Is it a Boys Noize record? No. It's Dog Blood. And it tastes great.