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Favorite ThisDMVU drops downtempo ode “The Sun and The Shadow”

Published: January 4, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

DMVUMatthew Philpott-Jones has been hinting to fans that he's been sitting on a stack of spicy and not-so-spicy tunes. Yesterday, DMVU unearthed one of those subtle songs, and he's rung up the hotline directly to the feels department.

With the simple message that he was in a “really bad place” when he composed this song, but that it helped him beat the blues, P-Jones pushed out “The Sun and The Shadow,” a daydreamy cut with deep hip-hop roots. Hardcore Cru members know DMVU as a chameleon producer who can shuttle between all out bangers and sly, head-nodding beats.

There's a lot of beauty in this new song. Like a brisk wind on a sunny, wintery day, this one catches you in the chest and forces the ear to pick up slight variations and tones in the rays of melody. Glimmering vocal samples dart and slip in and out of the cracks in the beats. Embrace your feelings. Don't be afraid to contemplate hardship and struggle. It's not all Backwoods and headbanging with DMVU—this cuddly boy's got heart, too.

Tags: DowntempoHip Hop