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Favorite ThisDJ Toast / Golden Toast: Breakfast Is Served EP Review

Published: August 15, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Producing electronic music is all about creating your own, recognizable sound. Too many musicians are unleashing monumental tunes, but doing it with a style of production that has been heard over and over again.
Fortunately for DJ Toast / Golden Toast (Ananda Goldsmith), this has never been a problem for him. His infectious style of bass music features its own unique consistency: a healthy serving of heavy, just the right amount of melodic, and thoroughly palpable from start to finish, which results in earth rattling tunes that can’t be denied. He has showcased this combination on thunderous EP’s like LacToast Intolerant and I’d Like To Make A Toast, along with mouth-watering switch ups of artists like Janis Joplin, The Roots, and Kerli. Not to mention his reputation for leaving crowds speechless, including jaw dropping opening sets for The Crystal Method and ill.Gates.
On Goldsmith’s most recent endeavor, Breakfast Is Served, he unleashes another powerful set of mind-blowing tracks that can be enjoyed in any setting.
Opening up the release is “Valley of the Wind,” a charismatic collaboration with Aeolus (Caleb Morrison) that’s packed to the brim with blissful vocals, monstrous snare hits, and ubiquitous synth smacks. Morrison also makes an appearance on “Chain Chomp,” which starts off as a gentle, melody driven song, but soon becomes a rambunctious banger that will have any audience going wild.
“Blessed By the Bass” is an enthralling anthem that quickly proves how diverse Goldsmith’s talents really are, as he sings and spits bars over his addicting instrumentations. This song continues to get better as it progresses, and really reaches its stride around three minutes in.
Next up is the title track, which slowly adds effervescent layers upon itself, while unleashing samples from the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie. This is another Golden Toast classic that gets more potent as it goes on, which fits perfectly with his sporadic style of rarely ever using repetitive double drops. “Big Bug” is a funky, soul gripping track that will have anyone tuned in bobbing their head with a huge smile on their face.
Golden Toast goes all out on another hard-hitting EP, which contains an unlimited supply of energy, and is packed full of glitched out madness. Also worth checking out is his most recent remix, released just days before Breakfast Is Served