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Favorite ThisDive into the 'world trap' sound of the Rorschack album Tiny Gods

Published: August 22, 2016

By: Nadia Ahmed

If there were anyone to label as an eclectic artist, it would be Noam Aharon, alter ego Rorschack. While the rest of us were playing video games and avoiding cooties, Aharon invested his time and energy into his love for music by the age of 12.

From start to finish, Rorschack’s new album Tiny Gods successfully takes listeners on a trip across the world, creating a diverse experience as you jump from one song to the next.

Rorschack takes us from “El Morion” with bass and flutes, to the well recognizable Middle Eastern music made up of drums, cymbals and tambourines in “What?” with MC Carolina to the progression between cult chorus and snake-charmer vibes in “Mocking Bird.”

On the more mellow side, “Rain” introduces us to a mesmerizing violinist while “Easy Love” catches our attention with its airy and light animal sounds mixed in with piano, both of these tracks encompassing beautiful vocals.

Aharon’s unique music can be credited to the jet setter lifestyle he has lived. Born and raised in Israel, this now LA-based musician moved to Europe as a young adult to experience some of the world’s best cultural habits and the music scenes in Berlin, Spain and Italy. While spending four years in Kolkata, India, Rorschack dabbled in “indo jazz world fusion,” adding to his already expansive musical spread.

There sure is no place like home. Returning to Israel, Aharon threw together this wide range of musical knowledge, talent and training while in Tel Aviv, “writing and composing for his indo jazz band.” 2008 brought Aharon to where he is now – a member of the electronic music scene in California. There’s no doubt that he prides himself on having a unique sound combining everything from Middle Eastern to Indian and Persian music, as well as funk rock, jazzy beats, hip-hop groove and more.

Check out Rorschack’s full album, with five collaborators, out now on MalLabel Music.

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