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Favorite ThisDISSØLV & Meta Zen come together for 'Secret Scry'

Published: October 29, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

DISSØLVWe were first hipped to the global bass trio DISSØLV by Kalya Scintilla and his Merkaba Music label when the northern California threesome premiered “Serpent's Return” with us from their Kintala EP back in the spring.

Half a year later, this sonic force returns with “Secret Scry,” a collab with Costa Rican bass wizard and live electronic/psychedelic veteran Meta Zen. It's a psytrap tour de force in this collision course of hard-hitting beats and globe-trotting flavors. Sounds from around the world are swirled together into this stunning piece that brings the likes of Zebbler Encanti Experience and SOOHAN to mind.

Download the new DISSØLV x Metz Zen collab “Secret Scry”

Tags: GlitchPsytranceTrap