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Favorite ThisDirtwire brings electronic sounds to the wild west with Bridge of Suns

Published: June 6, 2016

By: Logan Podbielski

In today’s music scene there exists a particular sect of musicians and groups that seek to bridge the modern sounds of synths and computers with the obscure tribal sounds of a time since forgotten. One of the groups at the forefront of this cohort is Oakland-based Dirtwire. The band members include David Satori of Beats Antique, whose label they are on as well, Evan Fraser of Stellamara, and most recent addition Mark Reveley of Byrth. With their musical origins heavily influencing their current sound, it is no wonder that these guys have veered their music in this indigenous direction.

Their latest release "Bridge of Suns" is a short but sweet tune that encompasses all that I have said about their sound synthesizing style. A digital beginning quickly changes to then be dominated by foreign wind, string, and percussion instruments. Further down the scale a vocal aid from Pilar Diaz appears in the form of background chanting to really make the listener feel like they are sitting around an ancient campfire. The signature riffs of the track come from Satori’s violin. Accompanied by Reveley’s banjo and the knowledge that these are just two fo the many instruments that both can play, it is easy to see how they can accomplish such a unique and mentally transporting sound.

Dirtwire heads to Electric Forest later this month, and ARISE Festival in Colorado later in the summer. With a sound so specific and rare it may just be worth the trip.

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