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Favorite ThisDetroit jamtronica act Liquid Monk blasts through its Yaga EP

Published: September 14, 2015

By: Sterling Martin

It’s here—funkadelic-space-rock.

Detroit's Liquid Monk utilizes the clash of jam-rock and electronic elements, which together make for a thrilling listening experience even on the fiftieth time around.

Liquid MonkOpening Yaga is a piece titled “Mantra,” which eases you into the band’s tantric, appealing style that may seem confusing at first. The confusion may stem from how insanely talented these guys are at finding abstract grooves, and how well they combine different approaches to create one brilliant track after another.

Following “Mantra,” is one that not only has depth, but further, it shows just how much chemistry this band truly has. From the blasting guitar riffs, to the soft organ additions, to the catchy drum grooves—“Let Us” helps the release lead off to an impressive start.

Not only does “Benthos” display insane piano and synth leads, but further, there are some bass-heavy moments and breakdowns that can only be described as indescribable.

Don’t Belong,” is a light-hearted, funkadelic tune that is reminiscent of old Nintendo games from “back in the day.”

Serving as the perfect endpoint to Yaga, is the high-energy, “Man on Fire.” Although it begins and ends with the same fiery attack, the middle is full of various build-ups and jams.

Liquid Monk is new to us, but we've got a keen sense the Motown multi-talented unit will be breaking out of the midwest and into your hometown over the next couple of years.

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