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Favorite ThisDESTROID ravages Main Street Armory in Rochester Dec 5th

Published: November 27, 2013
By: Ellie Salrin

Do you ever just want to switch it up from the usual barrage of bass music and let something really freakin’ heavy rock your eardrums? Well, let us take you on that journey with Destroid...heavy metal meets heavy bass. Space crusaders from the future, these three (made up of bass lord Excision, heavy dubstep artist Downlink, and visceral drummer KJ Sawka) have collaborated for an electronic live band like you have never seen before - and probably never will again.

Their debut album The Invasion is an experimental project that was perfectly executed, taking extreme dubstep and bass music to a heavier level but still maintains a clean precision. Using two custom MIDI guitars and an electric drum kit, they have transformed their craft into something fresh and different in the EDM industry.

The whole in-your-face vibe of this group is kicked up about ten notches by their futuristic robot suits, accented with LED lights. They look as though they are stormtroopers for a demon ruler from the distant future. It is spine-tingling and goosebump-inducing to both listen to or watch these guys do their thing.

In an industry where people are really digging that whole “live” aspect, or the incorporation of instruments that require a bit more artistry, Destroid is really revolutionizing the dubstep genre. Terrifyingly deep, dark voices lead you through soundscapes of the underworld tinged with a hype, riveting bassline. Plus all the onstage bells and whistles you would expect from the likes of Excision. Take a listen to these tracks and just try to imagine how the group sounds (and feels) live. Holy eardrum explosion.

Come on and join the space bass metal quest with us on December 5 at Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY. Tickets are $35. The Armory is a spacious building from the early 1900’s that was used to house weapons. It is rumored to be haunted and was even on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. The Armory has since been converted to a concert venue and will appropriately serve up this renegade bass army for your viewing and listening pleasure. Feeling lucky? Enter our contest for a chance to win tickets.

The idea of Destroid looks to deteriorate the barrier between the musician and the listener, taking fan interaction in electronic music to a higher level. They’ve created their own movement, The Elevated, and are using it as a network to converge social networking, viral videos, fan-submitted artwork, the Elevated Street Team and even a graphic novel. What’s it all about? “We are an elite bass music army with a single purpose, to bring forth an elevated existence for all who are ready.”

Prepare to be Destroid.

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