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Favorite ThisDavid Starfire - Podcast Episode 109

Published: February 15, 2012

David Starfire has been making his way through the ranks of West Coast producers and DJs for the past several years. A major player in the Burning Man community, and a proponent of spiritual healing through music, Starfire's contributions are utilized throughout the industry as the standard in progressive music that doesn't cut corners and makes no excuses.

David Starfire will soon be releasing his single "Jumping Off," a snippet of which you can hear on this program, as well as a new full-length album on 6 Degrees Records, due out in late Spring or early Summer. The album will feature a ton of collaborations with luminaries from a number of different scenes. Starfire will be playing a bunch of festivals this Summer, kicking things off in Santa Rosa on March 17th. Keep up with David's entire schedule at Also make sure to check out his Rites of Passage mix, which is available for a free download and contains some of funkiest, hardest-hitting dubstep, drumstep, and crazy-out-there bass music. Check out the full tracklist here.

This episode was sponsored by Our Motivation for Change, presenting an evening of glitch-hop, livetronica, and ghetto tech with Eliot Lipp, Loyal Divide, and Shy Guy Says on Thursday, February 23rd at the Lafayette Theater in Lafayette, Indiana (smack dab in the middle of Chicago and Indianapolis).

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