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Favorite ThisDaggz, Ooga & Chmura forge a sound that is 'Eternal'

Published: August 16, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

Daggz x Ooga x ChmuraI feel like Galadriel at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. The camera pans over the bass music scene and I proclaim that the world has changed. I feel it in the drums. I smell it in the wubs. Ominous dark clouds roll in. Obviously I'm bathed in flowy, ephemeral gowns and glowing and shit. But I'm not concerned—I'm frankly super stoked.

There's a new generation of artists slowly encroaching on the bass scene as we know it. Their productions are rich and shimmery, with delicate, patient wobbles and tasteful drops. Their influence is varied, but their technical skills are of the highest proficiency. It's a little darker than traditional bass music for partying, but we live in dark times. Moody music is right on schedule. Best of all, there exists a great camaraderie between these artists that allows them to assemble without ego to push and prod one another to greatness.

Three such acts from this exciting new cohort have emerged in Daggz, Ooga, and Chmura. The latter two have graced our stages at The Untz Festival, and as for the former, it's a matter of when, not if. These acts are repped hard by Odyzey, our partners at Wormhole Music Group, and a number of our fellow left-of-center festivals across the country. And for good reason: their skills are obvious even to the casual listener, and there is actual substance to these brilliantly woven compositions that demand serious relistening. These artists are not making disposal, fast food music in the bloated and oversaturated streaming age.

Which is maybe why calling their collaboration “Eternal” is more fitting that even they might suspect. It's a timeless sound they're crafting with these glittering atmospherics and meticulously selected low end wobbles. I have seen with my own eyes how hard crowds go for this purposefully understated type of music. It demands deeper focus and attention, and the rewards are so much more potent.

The pendulum swings with greater and greater speed these days as cycles are reborn and die with dizzying intensity. If we once again shift towards deeper, richer, more satisyfing music in this corner of the industry, ultimately the quality of the output will be raised across the spectrum, and our live experiences will become that much more meaningful. Looks like bass is back on the menu, boys.

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